Freelance Tutors Starting $5

How it Works

How it works

  • Students looking to hire a freelance tutor  simply need to submit the tuition/project details with offered pay per hour (or fixed pay)
  • As soon as you post your project/tuition details, freelance tutors with matching skills and subject expertise will be notified about your project.
  • Tutors apply to projects using credits. Besides the free credits given for each registered Tutor, extra credits can be purchased at any time from the Tutor’s dashboard.
  • Students will be notified about proposals by email/SMS as soon as any proposal is received. You can also view and manage  proposals from your dashboard.
  • Student can start discussion/negotiation with tutors from your dashboard.
  • After monitoring tutors carefully select the most eligible tutor. After awarding the project to winning tutor initiate the development terms discussion. As soon as the development terms are agreed the tutoring starts.

Tutoring Platform

After tutor selection comes the most important part i.e. conducting one-on-one online tutoring session. Tutors are free to conduct the session using any virtual classroom platform or whiteboard software that they wish. However if requested we can provide the state of the art virtual classroom platform at very nominal rate of $1/Hr.

Here are some popular free online whiteboard tools:

What if agreement is breached ?

If in case one party(Tutor or Student) is not able to satisfy the other party and fails to honor the agreement for any reason whatsoever, then either one  can ask the other party to accept the mutual cancellation and if he denies you can dispute that payment. Until the dispute is resolved the payment will be withheld in Escrow account. Since all the transactions that you make are supported by Escrow that means transactions between parties are secured and guaranteed for each party. Unless and until project is accepted as complete, the payment will be held in Escrow and will not available for withdrawal or use.

TutorForFive.com reserves the right to decide the outcome of the dispute after taking into account the explanations and representation from both parties.


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